Gears Programme (personal skills)

The Gears programme was designed particularly at 1st Gear for those candidates with learning difficulties.  1st Gear can be achieved by using various forms of cycles including a tricycle.

  •  1st Gear – Introductory mountain biking skills – Trainer/Assessor :Grade 1 Instructor with 1st gear endorsement
  • 2nd Gear – Developing mountain biking skills – Trainer/Assessor :Grade 2 Instructor with 2nd gear endorsement
  • 3rd Gear – Consolidating mountain biking skills – Trainer/Assessor :Grade 2 Instructor with 3rd gear endorsement


Below is a list of the skills that are covered on the first 3 gears. The required standard will vary depending on which gears programme is being assessed.

  • Brakes
  • Gear changing
  • Cornering
  • Alternating speed
  • Lifting front wheel
  • Bunny hops (Third gear only )
  • Distance
  • Bike anatomy
  • Tools
  • Repairs


  • 4th Gear – Downhill mountain biking skills – Trainer/Assessor :Grade 2 Instructor with 4th gear endorsement
  • 5th Gear – Mountain bike trail /course building skills – Trainer/Assessor :Grade 2 Instructor with 5th gear endorsement
  • 6th Gear – Mountain bike trail /course management skills – Trainer/Assessor :Grade 2 Instructor with 6th gear endorsement