Pro-Green MX

How excited can you get over a bike cleaner?

When I booked my ticket to go to the 'Cycle Show' at the NEC in Birmingham I did not think I would be getting excited about a bike cleaner. I was having a coffee near to the bike display area and a stand caught my eye. It was green, in a bottle and I felt i had to take a look. Now I've been cleaning my bike after every ride for years. In fact I spend more time cleaning than I do riding. So to find a cleaner that claims to be so good got my interest.

Pro-Green MTB manufacture a range of  high performance  vehicle cleaners and started out developing a cleaner for Motor Cross, now they get seriously dirty.

Pro-Green MTB is:

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Leaves a streak free finish
  • Removes
    • Mud
    • Clay
    • Dirt and grime
  • Minimum of effort required
  • Also removes clay and sand stains with ease





I live in Staffordshire and ride on Cannock Chase, which consists of mud, sand and clay depending where you ride. So a cleaner that gets rid of all that needs a look. Also we have hard water which leaves nice little water marks, so a 'streak free finish' also ticked the box. The test for this surely is to put the bike away wet and see what it looks like the next day.


Anyway, back to the story. I got chatting to the guy who started it all. His background was being a Chemist and he wanted to create a cleaner that ticked all the boxes. He explained that some of the other cleaners are so aggressive they eat away at the seals on your bike, especially on your suspension. He said the other cleaners eat away at them, then the fluid seaps down into your forks and sits there aggressively working!!! His cleaner was friendly to all seals and the bike in general.

What he said made sense, after all the pink stuff I had been using got the bike clean but was it doing damage!!! He went on to explain about the PH balance, with others being around 12 and Pro-Green MX has a PH balance of about 8. Better for your bike and the environment.

Pro-Green MX because of the lower PH, needs to sit on your bike for a few minutes to get the job done, so after spraying your bike with water to remove the big bits of muck, you simply spray Pro-Green all over your bike then agatate it to activate the good stuff. All you have to do then is just leave it to work. In fact it is just the right amount of time to pop the kettle on and have a cuppa. then all you have to do is rinse your bike off. 

WOW!!! Clean, I mean like showroom shine. I have since washed my car with it. I think I'm in love. No streaks and no worries. It has saved me loads of time drying my bike. It is just wash and go, leave it to drip dry. Then there is the aftershine, which is having its own review because it is even better than the wash.

Pro-Green MX have hinted at a lube to add to their range. I can't wait!!

2016 Product Update


I have just opened my order as I had run out. They have now added a Degreaser to the range which does just as well as the leading brands.

I ordered a 5 litre tub which cost £25.99. This dilutes down to 10 litres making it £2.59 a litre. If you are not using these products all i can say is what is wrong with you. After almost a year I still love cleaning my bike with these cleaners.

Even better than the cleaning power of this product is the new sprayer that came with it. It sprays a nice thick foam and I applied it directly to my brush before the bike. The foam penetrates deep into the rear cassette giving every nook and cranny a good clean.


20160616_163507  20160616_163123